Gold Nose Studs

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2mm cupped assorted crystal
2mm cupped assroted crystal Approx-0.04gm            Shipping&..
2mm cupped clear crystal
2mm cupped clear crystal Approx-0.04gm            Shipping&nbs..
2pt diamond
2pt diamond Approx-0.05gm            Shipping  1. Ship..
AB crystal
AB crystal Approx-0.06gm            Shipping  1. Shipp..
Austrian crystal assorted colours
Austrian crystal assorted colours Approx-0.06gm            Shi..
Cubic zirconia claw set
Cubic zirconia claw set Approx-0.05gm            Shipping ..
Plain bead
Plain bead Approx-0.05gm            Shipping  1. Shipp..
Rubover amethist
Rubover amethist Approx-0.08gm            Shipping  1...
Rubover blue topaz
Rubover blue topaz Approx-0.08gm            Shipping  ..
Rubover cubic zirconia
Rubover cubic zirconia Approx-0.08gm            Shipping ..
Set of 3 claw set coloured crystals
Set of 3 claw coloured crystals Approx-0.14gm            Shipp..
Small claw set crystal assorted colours
Small claw set crystal assorted colours Approx-0.06gm           ..
Small triple loop
Small triple loop Approx-0.07gm            Shipping  1..
Triple set assorted colours
Triple set assorted colours Approx-0.16gm            Shipping&..