Silver Brooches

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Amber twists
Amber twists Approx-4.17gm            Shipping  1. Shi..
Amethist mercasite fancy bar
Amethist mercasite fancy bar Approx-5.03gm            Shipping..
Cognac amber bodied dragonfly
Cognac amber bodied dragonfly Approx-5.67gm            Shippin..
Cognac amber elephant
Cognac amber elephant Approx-6.03gm            Shipping  ..
Cognac amber in swirls
Cognac amber in swirls Approx-6.57gm            Shipping ..
Cognac amber leaves
Cognac amber leaves Approx-4.96gm            Shipping  ..
Cognac amber rose
Cognac amber rose Approx-6.24gm            Shipping  1..
Entwined amethist mercasite flower
Entwined amethist mercasite flower            Shipping  1..
Fancy amethist and mercasite
Fancy amethist and mercasite Approx-5.05gm            Shipping..
Fancy blue topaz mercasite bar
Fancy blue topaz mercasite bar Approx-4.08gm            Shippi..
Fancy mercasite oval onyx
Fancy mercasite oval onyx Approx-7.70gm            Shipping&nb..
Fancy onyx mercasite bar
Fancy onyx mercasite bar            Shipping  1. Shipping..
Garnet mercasite fancy bow
Garnet mercasite fancy bow            Shipping  1. Shippi..
Green amber bodied frog with cognac amber eyes
Green amber bodied frog with cognac amber eyes Approx-4.23gm         &nbs..
Green amber shamrock
Green amber shamrock            Shipping  1. Shipping by ..
Large fairy
Large fairy            Shipping  1. Shipping by Royal Mai..