Silver Charms

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Shamrock Approx-1.34gm            Shipping  1. Shippin..
Shire horse
Shire horse Approx-3.96gm            Shipping  1. Ship..
Show jumper through hoop
Show jumper through hoop Approx-1.50gm            Shipping&nbs..
Show-jumping horse
Show-jumping horse Approx-1.81gm            Shipping  ..
Sitting teddy
Sitting teddy Approx-2.09gm            Shipping  1. Sh..
Small 18 key
Small 18 key Approx-0.74gm            Shipping  1. Shi..
Small angel
Small angel Approx-0.94gm            Shipping  1. Ship..
Small ballerina
Small ballerina Approx-0.99gm            Shipping  1. ..
Small ballet shoes
Small ballet shoes Approx-0.61gm            Shipping  ..
Small bible
Small bible Approx-3.09gm            Shipping  1. Ship..
Small cat and ball
Small cat and ball Approx-2.48gm            Shipping  ..
Small cat on dustbin
Small cat on dustbin Approx-1.48gm            Shipping  ..
Small church
Small church Approx-1.32gm            Shipping  1. Shi..
Small crown
Small crown Approx-1.20gm            Shipping  1. Ship..
Small faith, hope and charity
Small faith, hope and charity Approx-1.52gm            Shippin..
Small hat, crop and stirrup
Small hat, crop and stirrup Approx-1.67gm            Shipping&..