Silver Crosses

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Micro set cubic zirconia flared
Micro set cubic zirconia flared Size-Height-20mm Wide-10mm          ..
Mircro set cubic zirconia chunky
Mircro set cubic zirconia chunky Size-Height-20mm Wide-10mm          ..
Mother of pearl inlaid
Mother of pearl inlaid Size-Height-20mm Wide-10mm Approx-1.85gm        ..
Plain ankh
Plain ankh Size-Height-15mm Wide10mm Approx-0.90gm           ..
Plain flared
Plain flared Size-Height-15mm Wide-10mm Approx-2.10gm          &n..
Plain maltese
Plain maltese Size-Height-15mm Wide-10mm Approx-1.60gm          &..
Plain medieval style
Plain medieval style Size-Height-20mm Wide-12mm Approx-2.08gm         ..
Plain polished
Plain polished Size-Height-20mm Wide-10mm Approx-1.80gm          ..
Plain with paua shell inlay
Plain with paua shell inlay Size-Height-20mm Wide-10mm Approx-2.10gm       &..
Polished block
Polished block Size-Height-15mm Wide10mm Approx-1.66gm          &..
Polished block
Polished block Size-Height-20mm Wide-10mm Approx-3.20gm          ..
Ruthenium plated flared outline
Ruthenium plated flared outline Size-Height-20mm Wide-10mm Approx-0.80gm     &nbs..
Small celtic
Small celtic Size-Height-15mm Wide-10mm Approx-1.50gm          &n..
Small cubic zircoia looped
Small cubic zircoia looped Size-Height-10mm Wide-5mm Approx-0.50gm       &nb..
Small cubic zirconia crossover
Small cubic zirconia crossover Size-Height-10mm Wide-5mm Approx-0.70gm      ..
Small cubic zirconia stick
Small cubic zirconia stick Size-Height-10mm Wide-5mm Approx-0.50gm       &nb..